WMC 2019 Announcement: First Keynote Speakers, Select Programming and Additional Partners

Friday, January 18th, 2019 |

Today, Winter Music Conference (WMC) 2019 is announcing the first round of keynote speakers, programming, and additional partnerships.

For the 34th annual edition of WMC, set to take place Monday, March 25, through Thursday, March 28, at the Faena Forum at the Faena District in Miami Beach, FL, we’re welcoming some of the world’s most renowned players and thought leaders in the music, digital, and entertainment space, including: media theorist and author Dr. Douglas Rushkoff; dance music icon Armin van Buuren; acclaimed novelist and Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh, in conversation with acid house originator DJ Pierre; and more.

WMC 2019 Industry and Access badges and registration are now available.

Additional keynote speakers will be announced in the coming weeks. These individuals will be part of a dynamic WMC programming schedule that includes panels and discussions about the most important topics facing dance music culture.

We are also announcing some of our confirmed premier panels as well as additional brand partners.

See below to learn more about our first keynote speakers and upcoming panels.

WMC 2019 Keynote Speakers

  • Dr. Douglas Rushkoff: Named one of the “world’s ten most influential intellectuals” by MIT, Dr. Douglas Rushkoff will be delivering a keynote presentation centered around his acclaimed Team Human podcast and forthcoming book, which grapples with complex issues of agency, social justice, and all those quirky non-binary corners of life. “Team Human” strives to amplify human connection. Through his podcast, Dr. Rushkoff engages in real-time, no-holds-barred discussions with people who are hacking the machine to make it more compatible with human life and helping redefine what it means to stay human in a digital age. Watch Dr. Rushkoff’s discussion on how to be “Team Human” in the digital age via TED Salons here.
  • Armin van Buuren: Iconic Dutch DJ, record producer, and remixer Armin van Buuren will lead a very special presentation on “A State Of Trance.” Armin will be joined by other prominent names in trance music to discuss the progression of one of dance music’s most beloved genres. Having evolved from a small radio show into a wide-ranging and far-reaching brand with many different spin-offs, A State of Trance is one of the world’s biggest and most popular dance music brands. Built from the ground up since the very first episode of Armin van Buuren’s radio show in 2001, ASOT now entails a globally acclaimed label and a breathtaking event series to boot, drawing tens of thousands of music lovers from all over the globe.
  • Irvine Welsh: Acclaimed and often controversial writer of novels, stories and stage and screenplays – most notably Trainspotting, The Acid House, and Ecstasy – Irvine Welsh will be joined by acid house originator DJ Pierre for a discussion on the evolution and impact of acid house on global music and culture. Welsh has explored acid house themes in many of his written works, and in addition to performing as a DJ, he’s crafting his debut album which will be comprised of classic acid house sounds. As a member of Chicago-based electronic group Phuture, DJ Pierre helped to produce the song “Acid Tracks” which is considered to be the first acid house record. That bass, that 303 – this was the flashpoint for a worldwide sensation. Together, Irvine Welsh and DJ Pierre will explore acid house from it’s earliest moments and show how its impact is still felt today.
  • Laidback Luke: One of the most technically skilled DJs on the planet, there’s none better than Laidback Luke to host WMC’s “The Power of Creative DJing” main stage presentation. The Mixmash Records founder has effortlessly weaved his way through multiple dance music genres during his career, each time leaving his mark on the industry. Originally making a name for himself in the house and techno community, Luke would become one of the most prominent artists of the 2010’s EDM scene. Through social media, Luke’s been very vocal about his appreciation and respect for the art of DJing and often communicates directly with his fans; offering them tips and tricks of the trade.
  • Sam Feldt: Platinum-selling DJ and producer Sam Feldt will be joined by a special guest in conversation about green philanthropy. Established by Feldt in 2018, The Heartfeldt Foundation is a non-profit platform that promotes a sustainable lifestyle and a healthier planet by using the reach and influence of ambassadors in the fields of music, sports, and entertainment. Feldt and his special guest will take those in attendance on a journey through the ways we can make the world a better place for the foreseeable future.

WMC 2019 badge registration

WMC 2019 Panels

WMC // Access Panels:

  • Breaking In: How To Get Your Start In The Electronic Music Industry
  • Signing With The Future: How Labels Utilize New Technologies For Sustained Growth
  • Surviving Indie: Innovation and Brand Building As An Independent Label
  • Spinnin’ Records Panel w/ special surprise guests
  • Daily artist panels including Bass, House, Techno, Drum & Bass genres
  • Digital Collision: The Convergence of Esports, Gaming And Electronic Music Culture
  • The Bleeding Edge: Shaping The Next Wave Of Electronic Music Culture

WMC // Industry Badge (upgrade) Exclusive Panels:

  • The Death of The Newsfeed: Using FB Messenger To Effectively Reach Your Followers
  • The Data Solution: Viberate Presents Current Market Trends And Analytics Strategy
  • Music Placement – How To Get Your Music Synced With Brands, Films, TV, and Advertising
  • Brands x Artists x Culture: How To Create An Authentic Music Strategy
  • AFEM Presents – Get Played Get Paid: How the rise of Music Recognition Technology at DJ Events could put money in your pocket
  • Practically Green: Environmental Solutions for the Music Industry
  • Presentation by Grammy.com/Recording Academy/MusiCares with a very special guest

*The full panel schedule, including participants, will be announced soon.

WMC 2019 Additional Partners

Joining WMC’s world-class list of previously announced partners are iconic music production and DJ brands including Akai Professional , Denon DJ, Native Instruments, Rane, Pioneer DJ, and SAE Institute. Additional newly confirmed partners include Counter Records, Fusicology, Echostage, Lowly Palace, Proximity, The District, Earmilk, and The Nations, with more major partnerships to be announced in the coming weeks.

WMC 2019 Badges

WMC programming will be spread across two distinct segments targeted at industry professionals (WMC // Industryupgrade) as well as music consumers, college students and aspiring DJs/producers (WMC // Access) looking to learn more about this exciting industry and the music, technology and culture that powers it.

WMC // Industry attendees will be treated to a special closing night sunset cocktail party courtesy of Nulu Music at The Faena Hotel Miami Beach’s “Tree Of Life.” The music and vibes are pure perfection as the sun sets to the beats of DJs Anané, Christian Mantini and special guest Louie Vega. This party celebrates the 10-year anniversary of Nulu Music, an independent label started and founded by Anané in 2009 in which she honored her Afro roots by creating an international platform for Afro House artists coming from Cabo Verde, Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, Congo & Nigeria, just to name a few.

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Winter Music Conference was the cream of the crop of conferences. Every label owner, label A&R, DJ and artist knew they had to go network at the Fontainebleau where the conference was hosted. The conference was not only one of the most important time of the year as it relates to dance music but it was also a place where records were broken and became summer hits. Some of my best DJ memories are from the events I played during WMC in the last 20 years.

Erick Morillo

DJ / Producer / Label Boss - Subliminal Records

Before there was Ultra Music Festival, there was The Winter Music Conference, the annual coming together of the dance music tribes. Miami in March is a fundamental place to be from a business perspective, and has always given me endless opportunities for discovering new partnerships and talent. WMC brings together the dance music industry and surrounding culture like no other event in America. I’ve been attending WMC for nearly 20 years, and I’m very much looking forward to experiencing its evolution in 2019.

Matt Colon

Director, North America - YM&U Music

Miami has always been a place I’ve considered home and WMC was essential for me and the label in many ways. From showcasing our new music to keeping up with all the new artists and releases. It was the official kickoff of the year and I’m happy to see it thriving again.

Louie Vega

DJ/Vega Records

Having only missed the very first year of WMC in 1985, it was 1986-1990 that initially placed me on the map globally due to the international attendance of the entire dance music community. All throughout the 90s I was often getting written about by various high profile mags and websites for having contributed to help break many artists, DJs, producers and remixers. WMC enabled me to bring many top industry people together all under one roof, especially at Groove Jet, where house music officially met Techno in my sets and it’s all been uphill since…TBC

Danny Tenaglia

DJ, Producer

I feel fortunate to have been part of the first-ever WMC. Over the 35 years, it has grown to give us an international forum where we exchange music and ideas. As an attendee and host of many of the award shows, I am proud each time I see new young talent emerge and then become world-renowned. We all have so many Winter Music Conference moments of hearing a seminal breakthrough record for the first time as well as a new DJ with star quality. Magical moments in my career.

Daniel Glass

Glassnote Records