Music Gear Company Interview: Eventide

Tuesday, February 25th, 2020 |

Winter Music Conference is just around the corner and with it will be the opportunity to test, view and interact with the leading gear companies in music. On hand will be the likes of Pioneer DJ, Eventide, Arturia, Novation, Denon DJ, Allen & Heath, IK Multimedia and others. This experience could help boost your production and DJing with practice and advice from company product specialists. If you are in the market for new gear, these companies will likely be at the top of your list and the ability to test these out and get questions answered ahead of time is invaluable. We are doing short Q&As with many of the companies that will be showing their gear at WMC 2020 and we start today with pioneering software and hardware company Eventide.

Eventide was founded in 1971 in New Jersey and has helped set the standard for music production software, plug-ins, pedals and much more. Their products are used by producers everywhere from major studios, to those working in the bedroom. We chat with Eventide about what they are bringing to WMC and their history with electronic music.

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Winter Music Conference will return to The Faena Forum in Miami Beach on March 16-19 to celebrate 35 years.

1. What can attendees expect to see from you at this years WMC? Are there any fresh new pieces of gear from the NAMM show that will be making their public debut?

Eventide will be featuring the world’s most powerful effects processor, the H9000 Harmonizer, featuring over 2,000+ of Eventide’s famous algorithms heard on countless hit records over the last 50 years. In addition, participants will also be able to experience our entire line of effects pedals, including the H9 MAX, a powerful stompbox that gives users access to 12 reverbs, 10 delays, 10 modulation, 10 Pitch-shifting/Octaver, and 10 multi-process effect algorithms that can be used for live or studio. Lastly, we’ll be running a session with examples of our Anthology XI software bundle that features 23 plug-ins, including emulations of our most revered hardware processors like the H910, H949, H3000 Harmonizers and novel plug-ins like T-Verb and Physion.

Eventide H9 Max

2. Tell us a little bit about the brand’s history and connection with the electronic music scene?

Eventide has been around since 1971 and has pioneered some of the world’s most pivotal audio technologies. Since the early ‘70s, Eventide has been the secret nuclear weapon for enhancing every sonic facet of music production. Eventide advanced the concept of “algorithms,” combinations of multiple processes to create super effects. Because of this, processors like the SP2016 Reverb and the H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer became mainstay effects processors in the music, movie, broadcast and sound design industries. Recently, Moog introduced the flagship Moog One synthesizer, featuring 5 on-board Eventide reverb algorithms. Today, Eventide continues to push the boundaries in three categories – plug-ins, pedals, and hardware processors allowing musicians to achieve the sound of their dreams.

Eventide Anthology XI

1971 – World’s first studio digital delay
1972 – World’s first studio effects processor – The Instant Phaser
1973 – World’s first dynamics effects box – Introduced side-chaining
1974 – World’s first studio Flanger
1975 – World’s first pitch shifter with delay
1978 – Introduced MicroPitch shifting and de-glitched pitch-shifting
1982 – World’s first programmable multi-effects processor
1986-present –  Ultra-Harmonizer, industry standard studio processors
2018 – World’s first ARM-based network studio effects processor, H9000 Harmonizer

3. Will you have any special deals, promotional goodies or other unique experiences for WMC attendees?

To be determined. We are looking to work with Guitar Center, the participating dealer at the show. Show participants can sign up for software giveaways.

4. Where can our readers and attendees find out more about your gear and where to purchase it?


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I’m so glad to see WMC rebooted with such thoughtful content and first-class curation. It’s been a long time since the industry had a must-do American event and this is it. The reborn WMC!

Patrick Moxey

Ultra Music

The Winter Music Conference represents a chance for Beatport to connect directly with our customer community. Having a strong conference means we have a platform to embrace the entire spectrum of electronic music culture. We are proud to support the resurgence of this great event.

Jonas Tempel

Beatport, Co-Founder

Having only missed the very first year of WMC in 1985, it was 1986-1990 that initially placed me on the map globally due to the international attendance of the entire dance music community. All throughout the 90s I was often getting written about by various high profile mags and websites for having contributed to help break many artists, DJs, producers and remixers. WMC enabled me to bring many top industry people together all under one roof, especially at Groove Jet, where house music officially met Techno in my sets and it’s all been uphill since…TBC

Danny Tenaglia

DJ, Producer

If you want to know about our industry from the people that make it happen then go to WMC. It’s an accelerated masterclass in all things dance music.

Carl Cox

DJ/Intec Records

Before there was Ultra Music Festival, there was The Winter Music Conference, the annual coming together of the dance music tribes. Miami in March is a fundamental place to be from a business perspective, and has always given me endless opportunities for discovering new partnerships and talent. WMC brings together the dance music industry and surrounding culture like no other event in America. I’ve been attending WMC for nearly 20 years, and I’m very much looking forward to experiencing its evolution in 2019.

Matt Colon

Director, North America - YM&U Music