WMC 2016 Schedule Event

Panel Information:

Date: March 23
Time: 3:30 PM
Room: Rambler

DJ Culture - Branding Of Cool

This panel provides an in-depth look at how DJ and Dance Music Culture is fueling pop culture and how its popularity is being amplified by brands, labels and advertisers. How fans buy into that brand is quickly becoming the most important way to be successful in the music industry. Music fulfills an invaluable task in advertising by providing entertainment, structure, continuity, memorability, lyrical language, targeting and authority establishment, contributing to overall promotional goals. Ever find yourself singing along to an advertising jingle or associating a pop song to a recent commercial youve seen on TV? As advertisers, the knowledge that music can influence consumers buying habits is very powerful. Likewise, an income stream that had been cautiously viewed by many artists as selling-out continues to develop as an embraceable means of generating revenue and promotion - reaching an ever greater number of fans in a media-overloaded consumer culture. So who are these savvy idea brokers who ingeniously bridge music and products with fresh campaigns to influence consumer culture for the benefit of all?


  • Thornell Jones - Fortress MKTG


  • Michelle Levy - S.K.A.M. Artist Inc.
  • Corey Andrew - CocoJojo Music