Lounge Video Kiosk

The high-resolution DVD kiosk in the WMC eLounge will deliver your artist's music video to the entire WMC delegation. Strategically positioned in the high-traffic registration networking area, videos will run continuously throughout the conference week. Showcase your video at the center of the action during WMC.

Screen time is filled on a first come, first served basis. I.D. spots and EPK's may also be included but must be approved by WMC.

The total allotted screen time is limited, so reserve your space before all the slots are filled! Submissions are subject to approval.

Additional charges will apply to videos longer than 4 minutes. Maximum rotation one time per hour.

All submissions must be accompanied by payment and a review copy on DVD format along with the video master.

Video formats: DigiBeta - BetaSP - DVD - Super VHS - Beta - American/Western Standard - no European/PAL accepted.

Deadline for Submissions; Friday, Feb. 24, 2017

  • 2 plays per day........$350
  • 4 plays per day........$650
  • 6 plays per day........$950
  • 8 plays per day........$1250

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For more information call (954) 563-4444 or email Marketing@WinterMusicConference.com