Two years ago, WMC unveiled a bold new perspective on the traditional panel program. The momentum continues with the third edition of SOUTH BEACH SESSIONS - evening seminars, music, networking and events presented through out the week - bringing together resourceful and forward thinking industry leaders, artists, global outreach and community initiatives.

Our mission is to create greater exposure for artists and ideas. SBS explores new inroads where music and art are flourishing and making a courageous difference in the world. Pioneers in music, art, fashion, technology, business, education, the environment and more, convene for one of the most inspiring and EPIC programs of the week.

Tuesday, March 23rd

2:00 PM South Beach Sessions - The Green Standard in the Music Industry
Watson/Eden Roc

Listen to industry leaders who are rallying around conservation efforts in unprecedented ways. What is your musical carbon footprint and what can you do about it? From touring to record labels to clubs, events and new green technologies, join us as we explore the steps and actions industry pioneers are taking to consume less and produce more by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling? Free Admission.

Moderator: Nick Algee - Change of Atmosphere
Panelists: Bob Ferguson - OxFam
Danny Rampling - MN2S Management
Jon Bakshi - Greenhouse NYC
Luis Valenzuela -

4:30 PM South Beach Sessions - Social Consciousness through Music
Watson/Eden Roc

We are one through music! How are music organizations serving society and how are these global issues affecting the industry? Why is music essential to the progress of culture? Social awareness gurus discuss these topics while explaining how music creates positive transformations in the world we live in. Free Admission.

Moderator: Bob Ferguson - OxFam
Panelists: Dee Dee Acquisto - Music Cares
Herbert Holler - Herbert Holler Group
Ian Welch - The Motivational Edge, Inc
Keith Ivory - Power U
Tanya Bravo - Local Impact
Thomas Demerritte - D-Lite Productions
Friday, March 26th

1:00 PM South Beach Sessions - Music’s Influential Power
Ocean Tower Ballroom 1 C/Eden Roc

Is music riding the corporate wave to success or vice versa? The cross pollination between music, fashion, film, television and politics is more evident now than ever. Music influences everyday matters with its artists and messages spreading through modern culture. From the drawing room to your living room this is an inside glimpse from the experts who bring the ideas! Free Admission.

Moderator: Bill Meadows - Crispin Porter + Bugusky
Panelists: Amaya Mendizabel - Sony Latin
Arielle Castillo - Miami New Times
Frank Rodriguez - SAE
Peter McLean - D1 Music
Rafael Urbina -
Vanessa Lozano - Animal Music
Dusko Justic - Sony Music Entertainment
Saturday, March 27th

12:00 PM South Beach Sessions - Creative Expressions in Education
Ocean Auditorium, 1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

“Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity”- Aristotle. Why are the Arts important to child development and how are interdisciplinary approaches beneficial? How does funding affect the quality of education in the Arts? Don’t miss this round table session with community leaders, educators and artists who are making a difference! Free Admission.

Panelists: Kathleen Kerstetter - Florida International University
Melissa Lesniak - The Greater Miami Youth Symphony
Sheila Womble - Arts for Learning
Edward Large - Florida Atlantic University
Carson Kievman - SoBe Institute of the Arts

12:00 PM - 6:00 PM 4th Annual Record Collectors Show
Ocean Auditorium, 1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

Attention vinyl enthusiasts! This event will showcase the most formidable collectors, diggers, and dealers from all over the world for a day of music mania on Ocean Drive at the heart of the South Beach Art Deco District. Dealers will have Industrial, 80's, Synth Pop, Boogie, New Wave, Hip Hop, Classic House, Classic Techno, Punk, Post Punk, Disco, etc. Come early because digging competition is stiff! Free Admission.

2:00 PM South Beach Sessions-Florida International University-SHARE
Ocean Auditorium, 1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

From New York City to St. Petersburg this electronic jam session is back and with a vengeance! After its successful premiere in Miami last year, the Winter Music Conference and Florida International University are presenting it again. This open jam session is an improvisatory free space to play with other digital musicians and new culture lovers. Bring you laptops, controllers, electronics, cables and plug into our system! Free Admission.


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