Music and Industry
The shape of the music business today is completely different then it was 10 years ago. As aspects change and shift, WMC makes great efforts to create a Program that reflects the current climate of the Industry. Because music is such a fluid and transformative art form, WMC closely follows emerging trends and genres and integrates such ideas into the Program. No matter which form of music you are interested in, you are guaranteed to find colleagues and experts in the fields you work in and enjoy.

Innovations in DJ and Production Technology
Developments in digital mixing and recording have enhanced the art of production and DJing. Digital mixing tools have completely changed the dynamic of the DJ. WMC explores all the new and exciting innovations, and brings together leading manufacturers and developers to discuss the pros and cons of the array of new options. Also, our panels of esteemed guests will be there to answer any questions you may have about programs, plug-ins, and products.

The Winter Music Conference addresses every aspect of music distribution as it stands currently. From brick and mortar retail distribution, to digital distribution, to mail order matter how you choose to operate your business, you will find the information you are seeking.

Radio Exposure
WMC presents the top professionals from around the world as they evaluate radio as a vehicle for developing artists. WMC makes a huge effort to create a balance between internet, satellite, and terrestrial radio formats. Also, the radio panel will address issues such as: how to draw and sustain listeners, how to break artists through such diverse radio formats, how to get your records on the air and keep them in rotation...Get the inside track on these topics and more!

Legal Issues and Advice
Understand the fundamentals of effectual and solid contracts, copyrights, licensing, online retailing, digital distribution and the intricacies of publishing laws through a series of seminars devoted to legal issues. Get expert legal advice from top entertainment lawyers for free! Some of the most influential and active professionals in the music Industry will assemble to examine various Industry related legal issues and answer any questions you may have.

Discover which media outlets work best for you and how to approach them. Journalists and publicists will discuss how to use publications, TV and the Internet to your advantage. Learn how to develop and maintain relations with the worlds leading media sources. Discover the most effective means of breaking artists and maintaining success through the media.

Foreign Markets
Join executives from global companies discuss music marketing worldwide. Find out everything you need to know to promote your artist worldwide and generate revenue outside the U.S. Learn the ins and outs of International contracts, touring, promotion, distribution, licensing, exporting, collecting royalties and more. Also, find out what global trends are emerging today.

Revenue Streams
Don't rely strictly on album and song sales as a form of revenue! There are numerous ways to make money aside from traditional music retailing. Licensing, touring, soundtracks, advertising, ringtones, and merchandising are all great forms of alternative revenue streams. WMC has assembled Industry leaders working in these fields daily, who have developed effective business strategies. These subjects are more important now then ever. As such, these panels are not to be missed!

Other Panel Topics
  • A&R Listening Workshops
  • Artist Development
  • Artists
  • Audio Technology
  • Club Culture
  • Distribution
  • DJ and Artist Meet and Greet
  • European Market Trends
  • Event Promotion
  • Independent Record Labels
  • Independent Retailers
  • Latin Music
  • Major Record Labels
  • Managers and Agents
  • Online Retailers
  • Producers and Remixes
  • Promotion
  • Record Pools
  • Songwriting/Publishing
  • And More!

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