WMC 2015 Schedule Event

Panel Information:

Date: March 26
Time: 2:00 PM
Room: Baccarat I
Ready Room: Baccarat III

A&R and Alteration: Remix A&R

A great A&R person is expected to understand the current tastes of the market and to be able to find artists and help guide their path to commercial success. When meeting with an A&R be prepared, Set goals for your listening session, have a plan, show why you are different and unique but still talented. The A&R oversees the recording process; this includes helping the artist choose the right record producer, advising the artist on all aspects of making a high-quality recording. They work with the artist to choose the best songs (i.e. repertoire) to record, assist in finding songs and songwriters, and maintain contact with music publishing companies and producers. Remix A&R: Learn how to create great relationships with the most current and innovative producers and remixers in the biz today. Know your target audience, (whether it is Hip Hop/R&B, EDM, Trap, Big Room, Circuit LBGT, Deep House or Techno), is vital in choosing the proper remixers to remix your song. This will help the appropriate DJ select your song out of the slew of promos they receive everyday and resulting in club play and also chart positioning. This panel of key industry players has the insight and wisdom you will need to help you make the best decisions for your career! Mark your calendars you definitely do not want to miss this panel!