WMC 2012 DJ Spin-Off

The WMC 2012 DJ Spin-Off features celebrity hosts, judges and DJs from all over the world mixing and scratching their way to the top. Because of the exponential growth and success of the WMC DJ Spin-off, will take place across two days. Judges will decide who has what it takes to own first place. If you are a DJ who thinks you can put up some weight, a label head scouting new talent, or a fan of DJ Competitions, join us for the WMC DJ Spin-off where you can truly witness the Art of the DJ.

Hosted by JLB and Colleen Shannon with prizes and free giveaways provided by Pioneer, IK Multimedia and other leading manufacturers.

Congratulations to the winners of the WMC 2012 DJ Spin-Off. Thanks to everyone who competed, judged and participated.

Beat Matching : Scratching :
1st Place - DJ Manny 1st Place - DJ Traps
2nd Place - DJ Ease 2nd Place - DJ Ease
3rd Place - DJ Color TV 3rd Place - Biz-R