When Nicole Moudaber returned to the decks this past March, after a two-month break, Miami's Winter Music Conference was in full swing and her two parties -- MoodDAY and MoodNIGHT -- were sold-out hits."It's a good way to kick-start the year," she says. Nicole Moudaber, July 2015, Paper Magazine
Miami has its own style, and not so many places can say that,” said Guy Gerber, a producer from Tel Aviv who has become a staple in Ibiza nightlife. “It’s very cinematic. The energy, the palm trees, all the freaks blasting house music down Ocean Drive. But I love the f—king freaks. It’s working. Guy Gerber, March 2015, Billboard
Yes, I love it here (WMC – Miami Beach). This is like Ibiza in America. It’s a great combination between a VIP [atmosphere] and forward thinking music. The sound systems are always great. It has a really great balance; plus, this week has a special place in my heart. Benny Benassi, April 2015, Magnetic Mag
So do you think we're experiencing a second wave of trance? Yes, it's definitely having a resurgence in America. Miami is a great city to see it happening. The Winter Music Conference you have over here is great for this. It's been there for many, many years. It's an important event on the calendar, it's the first event on the calendar. There's a lot of DJs who attend it. A lot of DJs who do their own parties, showcasing all their new music and the talent that's affiliated with it. It's going strong. I mean, it's probably the longest lasting music conference out there. Paul Oakenfold, March 2014, Miami New Times
WMC's genesis is much in concert with the growth and more importantly, the commodification of dance music in the United States. Once a small music conference that brought together Djs and Brits seeking an excuse to get out of dreary UK weather, Winter Music Conference, or "WMC", is now an established event that rivals mainstream music festivals. No longer a creative "think-tank", WMC has transitioned into a full-fledged DJ arms race to see who can have the biggest and best event (and paycheck). Music purists bemoan the commercialization of dance music; while advocates for commercialization advocate popularizing the genre was the only way to make it sustainable. Some argue that the likes of Avicii, Calvin Harris, and Swedish House Mafia are pioneers and should be lauded for growing dance music globally, while the die-hards or "underground" call out the aforementioned for producing only radio-friendly hits or "confetti-house", devoid of any soul. And this battle to recapture the 'soul' of dance music is what's keeping our industry up at night. Call it The Hunger Games: Dance Music Edition. Arash Shirazi, April 2014, Huffington Post
WMC offers something for everyone in any sphere of electronic dance music. If you attend the Winter Music Conference in 2015, the two pieces of advice I have for you are to print lots of business cards and talk to every single person you encounter. You never know how the person next to you could help you achieve your dream. Edm.com, April 2014
For those who might be unfamiliar, the WMC is the EDM world's most influential industry conference that's held every year in the Magic City also includes the International Dance Music Awards. It's a "Who's Who" of world-renowned DJs, beatsmiths, producers, mixmasters, and other EDM movers and shakers. In other words, the sort of place where an up-and-comer like Lujan would want to be seen. Amanda Savage, March 2014, Phoenix New Times
"Me and Slash have been friends for many years now. I met his wife first and we always stayed friends and we always hung out everywhere we go you know and at a certain point, I think it was Thanksgiving, I was at his house and we decided to actually do something with music 'cause we never thought about it because we were friends in the first place. "So we took the Winter Music Conference as an opportunity. It was quite a unique situation because you never see dance acts going together with rock acts like that and it happened and I think it was quite successful. A bit of a surprise for everybody and I really like the surprise element of it. When he came out everybody was like 'wow'!” Chuckie, August 2014, MTV News UK
WMC is definitely still really important. It brings the EDM community together. It’s also a great time to party. A combination of both. Tiësto, Mixmag, May 2013
Highlights of WMC…Selling out our party last night was amazing. Really amazing. Running into our friends constantly everywhere is another great thing. And going out and listening to great music. NERVO, June 2013
I just came back from the Winter Music Conference [in Miami], which was mad – great parties, and people were up for it, but it was also quite chill because it was in the sun. Most of the time was spent on the beach. I got to play a whole range – from playing late at nightclubs to playing on the beach. Jamie XX, Rolling Stone, April 2013
Winter Music Conference, an EDM industry gathering of DJs, producers and concert promoters, for a weekend of seminars and pool parties. The… events create one of the world's largest dance music gatherings. Chicago Tribune, March 2013
The Winter Music Conference is all about finding out the latest trends in the electronic music industry and, for artists, taking a career to the next level with workshops, advice, and networking. The other half of the week is the events. Crossfadr, March 2013
Ridiculously stacked line-ups are completely normal at the majority of parties in Miami during Winter Music Conference, as are big label nights with all notable artists from the roster. However, the combined label nights is when the Miami magic really happens. MixMag, April 2013
For the past 28 years, Miami's Winter Music Conference has been America's largest electronic music event. The event has consistently brought the world's biggest DJs to Miami, decades before the term "EDM" was dreamed into existence. Spinner, March 2013
Winter Music Conference 2013 is fast approaching and we’re thrilled to be hosting Saturday’s No Sugar Added beach festival on March 23rd!! Established in 1985, and now in its 28th consecutive year, WMC is the largest EDM industry gathering of its kind in the world! A massive platform for the rise of dance music, WMC attracts thousands of artists and industry types from 70 countries and over 100,000 event attendees each year 10 days of events, parties, seminars, workshops and more parties! Ministry Of Sound, March 2013
It’s great to be here (at WMC). Not only for the weather. I think it’s an exciting time in the states right now because of electronic music. It’s the right time, right space, right place. So its good to be here! Moguai, Audible Chemistry, March 2013
This week, dance music insiders hit Florida for a conference that's far cooler than most. From the Grammy-grabbing Skrillex to the indefatigable David Guetta, dance music's grip on mainstream America is tighter than ever. Which means this year's Miami Winter Music Conference (WMC) – the annual dance industry raveup – looks set to shake, ey, shake. The Gaurdian, March, 2013
Amazing!Just picked up 5 #IDMA awards in Miami! (best global DJ, best producer, radio show, trance track, podcast + Label) Armin Van Buuren via twitter, March 22, 2013
Wow…Speechless…#IDMA #AWARDS #WMC #MIAMI Dimitri Vegas via twitter, March 21, 2013
A big theme at the 28th annual Winter Music Conference in Miami last month was exclusive V.I.P. lounges reserved for artists and industry movers and shakers to network and mingle. BizBash, April 2013
Nearly thirty years later, the annual pilgrimage to Miami Beach continues to be an essential stop for everyone in the dance music world, be they industry or punter. Notabledance.com, March 2013
The elite of electronic dance music have been congregating at the Winter Music Conference in Miami for the past 26 years, but this year's festival promises to be the biggest one yet, thanks to the genre's rise in mainstream popularity.
Rolling Stone, March 2012
Celebrating its 27th consecutive year, the WMC's week-long gathering in Miami, Fla. is considered as one of the most popular music gatherings in the world, attracting thousands of DJs, producers and music industry professionals from over 70 countries. More than 100,000 attendees take part in the annual music event that incorporates over 400 mini events, seminars, workshops, parties and over 1,400 artists and DJ performances. The International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) put on by WMC is the only longstanding awards event dedicated to the electronic and dance music industry. The awards highlight innovative artists, products and technologies from the previous year.
MI2N, April 2012
Every year it has always been a lot of fun for us but it is amazing to watch how that has translated into the growth in attendance and those that embrace the music, concept and concerts – both in the industry as well as outside of the industry. I remember a time when there were only a few South Florida venues that made it a point to be involved with the conference. Miami has become a premier nightlife destination comparable to Vegas and NYC and it is great to have the support of the venues during the conference.
Armand Van Helden, Quoted in NBC Miami, March 2012
Unless you've been living under a rock, you know these past 10 days marked the 27th consecutive year of Winter Music Conference in Miami Beach Florida. This one-of-kind gathering unites thousands of attendees, including artists, DJs, record labels, producers, A&R, press, event/concert promoters, venues and beyond. All week long, the most elite invade South Beach to attend seminars, workshops, events and parties with the top artists and DJs. More than 1,400 EDM artists from all over the world come out to be among their peers and friends while celebrating their passion for music.
OC Weekly, March 2012
My aim is to see as much people as I can during the week trying to expand my network for future releases and have a few drinks and laughs as well, don't forget it's only once a year WMC.
Baggi Begovic, Quoted in DMC World Magazine, March 2012
Winter Music Conference at the new Beachplex on 21st Street has seen a good share of foot traffic for its exhibits, seminars and stage performances. After sitting on the "Social Media & PR" panel, which saw an overflow room learn some basics on promotion and creating sizzle, we became audience members for some other sessions. One panel that dropped a lot of DJ knowledge was Wednesday's "Dynamic DJs" session. Moderated by Joe Claussell (of Body & Soul fame), the sit-down featured jocks like house legend Todd Terry and German DJ/producer Moguai discussing new technologies.
DJ Times, March 2012
Winter Music Conference (WMC), dance music's equivalent to the Cannes Film Festival, hasfor nearly three decades welcomed the world's electronic music industry to South Beach.
The Guardian/The Observer, April 2012
If you are into electronic music, the Winter Music Conference is still an important place to be. It is always about the people that go to Miami and enjoy music, and hop from one place to another and check it out. We made a very self-conscious decision of not playing the festival so we do what we actually want to do: to present our music in an environment that we really enjoy.
Paul Van Dyk, Quoted in Music Suite 101, March 2012
On the beach, almost close enough to hear at the Convention Center, is the Winter Music Conference. DJs are spinning their mixes all over the hotels.
CBS Miami, March 2012
What is the Winter Music Conference? Wikipedia proclaims the Winter Music Conference as " a week-long electronic music conference, held every March since the mid-1980s in Miami, Florida. It is aimed at professionals such as artists, DJs, record label representatives (A&R), producers, promoters, radio, and the media." I define it as: Spring Break for the dance music industry! WMC, in its 27th consecutive year, offered workshops, seminars with Q&A sessions, and parties that went on literally 24 hours a day from March 16-25th.
DJ Mike Pope, March, 2012
There are so many great DJs and electronic music artists that come out of Miami and bring a fresh and original sound to music. The Winter Music conference is a great example of the community here that is devoted to getting people off their asses to dance.
Meital Dohan, Quoted in The Miami Herald, March 2012
The Winter Music Conference (WMC) kicks off its 27th year in Miami on Friday, where some of the hottest and most eclectic mashups of music, spun by some of the world's most prominent DJs will be celebrated… From Electro, Dubstep, Moombahton, Electro Tango, and Nu-disco, this newly expanded 10-day fest will surely pump up its estimated 100,000, mostly under 30 year old dance-music fans, at over 400 electric-music ragers around the city.
Fox News Latino, March 2012